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The story of Käpytikka

The Käpytikka Society was founded in 2003 by parents of disabled young people resident in Helsinki. The society was created to provide a community housing for disabled young people in order to facilitate their independence, their safe life and their continuous integration.

The result, the Käpytikka House was built in 2009 at Arabianranta in Helsinki.

The Käpytikka concept, based on the needs, expectations and the dreams of the young constituted the framework for the design of the house.

The School of Arts, Design and Architecture participated in the concept, in which five foreign design students completed an intensive project in 2004.  This project resulted in the Käpytikka concept, which described an imaginary life in the house. This assisted the designers in the creation and construction of the final building.

In January 2009 the young people took up residence in the Käpytikka House and its eighth floors. The five middle floors consist of 20 one bedroom apartments, the first two floors the general facilities for providing services and the top floor contain the sauna facilities.

The Käpytikka House is in many respects a unique scheme for the development of housing.

First of all the community of the inhabitants – in this case the network of the parents of the disabled young people – were both the initiators as well as the promotors of the project.

Secondly, the designers and builders of the house drew upon applied concepts, techniques and models originating from industrial design.

Finally the execution of the project was made possible by the active participation and cooperation of the network who brought into play the full array of their talents.

Therefore the different phases of the Käpytikka House project were documented and described thoroughly in order to enable as many housing operators as possible to benefit from these new practices.

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